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Longyang Chronicle(2003 - 2014 March)
1、In February, after a month of production technology, non-standard door factory was officially put into operation, marking the dragon in the adjustment of product structure, expand market space, has taken a big step.
2、In March 8th, the company held a grand ceremony, awarded honorary certificates for 11 was named the 2011 Annual outstanding staff and excellent management personnel. At the same time, but also to enter the factory for more than 128 years old staff issued a total of 108800 yuan service award.
3、In March 15th, the company is the branch organization Shuimo section staff Song Shuangying (CRC) donated 13721 yuan.
4、In April, the enterprise has won the 2011 Annual Jinhua City integrity business and the 2011 Annual Jinhua city safety production standardization units honorary title.
5、At the end of 4, the company organized a celebration of the five one tourism, tug of war, operating skills contest a series of activities, enrich the amateur cultural life of employees.
6、In mid July, the company launched a safe production activities for a period of one month, a series of activities carried out by evacuation drills, fire apparatus, investigation and security risks such as the theme, to enhance employee safety awareness, prevent the occurrence of accidents.
7、In September, the enterprise has been Wuyi County named " focus on the cultivation of enterprise integrity of private enterprise tenth consumer trust units such as the honorary title.
8、In mid October, the going out, please come in the way, the company the full implementation of 5S management, enterprise management to a new level.
9、In November, in order to further train to become bigger and stronger, the company to build a new plant in the LENGSHUIKENG cooked Creek Street, is expected to pass a year to complete plant construction, equipment installation and other pre production preparation work, put into trial production in early 2014.
10、December 25th, dragon brand products have been rated as brand-name products in Jinhua city.

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